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Anne Kihagi

Hobbies and Interests

Anne Kihagi is a San Francisco-based landlord with well over a decade of experience in property management.

She owns and operates West 18 Properties, a company that manages numerous classic Edwardian and Victorians in the Castro, the Mission District, Russian Hill, and Inner Sunset. She created this blog to share some of the personal interests that drive her in real estate and beyond, from interior design to clean energy and much more.

Some of these interests are directly reflected in the work done by West 18 Properties. Their building on 18th Street in San Francisco is solar, and the whole team are passionate about “going green” and embracing clean energy whenever possible. As owner and operator of the company, Anne is proud to do her part in creating a sustainable future for the next generation. She also likes sharing basic tips to help others reduce their environmental footprint, whether that means sorting out on-the-spot issues quickly, or planning sustainable initiatives for the long term.


“As a landlord and renovation expert I’ve become well versed on the energy used to sustain us day in and day out.” – Anne Kihagi

Another one of Anne’s personal passions that she is fortunate enough to pursue in her line of work is design. West 18 Properties does a lot of renovating each year, and it is crucial that they have the tools and expertise that they need to build out beautiful and functional spaces. Anne and the team enjoy buying local whenever they can, so she likes to share some of her favorite businesses that deliver high-quality materials. Anne also likes learning about different kinds of interior design, especially minimalist.

Living and working in San Francisco — a city like no other — has inspired Anne to share news on its thriving scene as well. There is always something to do in the area, be it lounging at the beach, attending events like art and music festivals, or visiting local parks. The city also boasts some very interesting and up kept architecture for people to explore. In Anne’s case, many of her tenants live right within walking distance of some of the best features that San Francisco has to offer, so she enjoys highlighting these areas in particular!

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