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Imagine that you are helping a friend to decorate their new home, and want your help in picking out the perfect pieces. After gazing upon the options for decorating her friend’s home, you decide to look further into websites that focus on interior design. Here are some of my favorite websites to use when working with interior design.

Decor 8
Known as one of the pioneers in online interior design, Decor 8 has been helping people decorate their spaces around the world for over 12 years. Decor 8 offers tips on decorating every type of residence, from one-bedroom apartments to a six-bedroom mansion, making it a great resource for every property. For quick interior design tips, make sure to keep up with their blog.

Habitually Chic
For those looking to decorate their home using high-end design strategies, Habitually Chic is the place to explore. Habitually Chic was created by the decorator, author, and photographer, Health Clawson, who brings her flair and uniqueness to every space she decorates. For anyone who wants to learn more about high-end interior design ideas, Habitually Chic is the perfect place to look.

Katy Elliott
The blog that Katy Elliott uses for interior design types comes from her work as an interiors journalist. As part of her job, Katy began restoring a property in New England and decided to chronicle her experiences through the blog. Additionally, because of the vast amount of updates the 262-year-old house needs, Katy expects the project to take between 5-7 years. In that time, she plans to continue posting great ideas and tips on interior design through her work on the New England property.

Decorilla Online Interior Designers
While the above websites focus on using resources provided by the owner, Decorilla Online Interior Designers works with you directly to help plan out the best home possible. Using a more hands-on approach, Decorilla works with you to figure out the best designs for your home by assigning an employee to create a virtual design based on your requests. The best part about Decorilla is their commitment to creating a full-scale virtual design for you, making the decorating process more manageable moving forward.

Before making significant decisions about decorating your home, you should take a look at the websites discussed. They can not only help you find fun, unique pieces for your place but can help you figure out how to work with the space you have without spending an excessive amount of money.